The key to citizen lobbying is cookies. 450 cookies. That’s why Jeanette Hensley is our treasurer. Cookies. It’s her way of inviting the General Assembly to our big event next week.

At 9:00am on March 15th, the doors will open to the Old Supreme Court Chambers; and, Senior Day at the Capitol will commence for the 36th year. We’ll have a lot to discuss.

Our lifeline to healthcare is in the crosshairs. That puts seniors in play, and when seniors are in play, seniors are in politics. This is not politics practiced by the pros, but politics practiced by motivated people. These active people have a deep curiosity engaging a system that, folks, is not that hard to grasp. Join us, and get a good taste of it here:

  • Governor Hickenlooper and Lt. Governor Lynne are both scheduled to engage the audience, likely with their Healthcare Day of Action, their bold new agenda
  • Colorado Senior Lobby’s volunteers, who produce this event every year, will host a citizen interactive roundtable in the afternoon session for all who attend. Former state leaders will facilitate that discussion
  • Certainly the most refreshing element this year is coming from Metro State University’s [M] Met Media students. They are not only providing production coverage for the day’s events, but conducting interviews, streaming the event to various locations throughout the state and providing live coverage to their own Internet station. It’s hoped the interaction of the young with the not-so-young helps to create a model for further partnerships down the road
  • Most importantly, you get to talk to your leaders directly. Tell them what’s on your mind; ask them to share ideas on how to address the issues that challenge your lives each day

Learn more about the event, the streaming, the Senior Day afternoon luncheon and Colorado Senior
Lobby at the group’s website. Sign up for our eNewsletter and weekly legislative updates. We are advocating for all Coloradans, because we are all aging.

New Bills we are watching

Create Family Caregiver Support Fund Tax check-off. Speaks for itself. Caregiving costs in Colorado and across the nation are through the roof with no end in sight. Nothing scheduled

Prohibit Carrier from Requiring Alternative Drug. Prohibits a carrier from requiring a covered person to undergo step therapy. Business, Labor & Technology, Nothing scheduled

Out of Network Providers Payments Patient Notice. The bill outlines the method for a health insurer to use in determining the amount it must pay an out-of-network provider that rendered covered services to a covered person at an in-network facility and requires the health insurer to pay the out-of-network provider directly. The bill also establishes an independent dispute resolution process by which an out-of-network provider may obtain review of a payment from a health insurer. Business, Labor & Technology, Nothing scheduled

Strengthen Colorado Behavioral Health Crisis System. The bill clarifies the intent of the general assembly for establishing a coordinated behavioral health crisis response system (crisis system). Judiciary. Nothing scheduled

Bills we are watching

Reverse Mortgage Repayment when Home Uninhabitable. Concerning the suspension of a borrower’s obligation to repay a reverse mortgage when a force majeure renders the subject property uninhabitable as a principal residence. Local Government Committee, Mar 15th, 1:30p, Room 0107

Requirement Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers. Individuals in the state, closer to other state borders, can only find suppliers across the border. This is primarily an access bill. Current law says the supplier must be from Colorado. Health, Insurance & Environment Committee

Office of Public Guardianship Pilot Prevention Program. The bill creates the office of public guardianship (office) within the judicial department to provide legal guardianship services to indigent and incapacitated adults. Judiciary Committee, Refer Amended to Appropriations

Continue Low-income Household Energy Assistance. This bill continues energy-related assistance to low-income households. Mar 7th, General Orders, 2nd reading

Patient Safety Act. The bill requires applicants for initial licensure or certification, as well as current licensees and certificate holders, to submit to a fingerprint-based criminal history record check. Includes: Podiatrists, Dentists and dental hygienists, Medical doctors, physician assistants, and anesthesiologists; Nurses, Certified nurse aides, Optometrists and Veterinarians. Health, Insurance & Environment, nothing scheduled

Medicaid Appeal Review Legal Notice Requirements. The bill requires the administrative law judge hearing Medicaid appeals to review the legal sufficiency of the notice of action from which the recipient is appealing at the commencement of the appeal hearing if the notice of action concerns the termination or reduction of an existing benefit. If the notice is legally insufficient, the judge shall advise the appellant that he or she may waive the defense of insufficient notice and proceed to a hearing on the merits or may ask the judge to decide the appeal based on the judge’s finding of insufficiency. The judge shall advise the appellant that a legally sufficient notice may be issued in the future and that the state may recoup benefits from the appellant. Senate Health and Human Services. Mar 9th, 1:30p, SCR 354

Medicaid Provider Compliance Billing Safety Rules. The bill subjects a provider of Medicaid services to a civil monetary penalty if the provider improperly bills or seeks collection from a Medicaid recipient or the estate of a Medicaid recipient. Public Health Care & Human Services, Nothing Scheduled

Audits of Medicaid Client Correspondence. The bill directs the office of the state auditor (OSA) to conduct or cause to be conducted an audit of client communications, including letters and notices, sent to clients or potential clients in Medicaid programs. The audits will be conducted in 2020 and 2023 and thereafter at the discretion of the state auditor. Senate Committee of the Whole, Mar 6th, Second Reading

PERA Public Employees’ Retirement Association Retirees Employed By Rural School Districts.
Concerning an extension of the employment after retirement limitations for retirees of the public employees’ retirement association employed by a rural school district after retirement. Finance, Mar. 15th, Upon Adjournment, Room LSB-A

Change Excess State Revenues Cap Growth Factor. Change formula used under TABOR to set spending cap for budget every year. The original formula, a combination of CPI, inflation, %, plus percentage growth I population. This bill says TABOR allows voters to make changes, but a better formula might be growth in personal income, a more effective indicator of economic growth. This bill asks voters to change TABOR to a five year rolling average of income growth as the formula for the cap.

Harassment Sexual Orientation or Disability. The bill adds physical or mental disability and sexual orientation to the categories described in the harassment statute to make the statute consistent with Colorado’s law concerning bias-motivated crimes. Judiciary, Mar 9th, 1:30p, Room 0112

Demographic Notes for Certain Legislative Bills. Finance, Mar 13th, 1:30p, Room LSB-A

Transfers of Automobile Titles upon Death. Clarifies liability of current law. Transportation & Energy, Mar 16th, Upon Adjournment, Room 0112

Access to Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Concerning access to the electronic prescription drug monitoring program. Health, Insurance and Environment, Introduced in House, Nothing scheduled

Statutory Definition of Construction Defect. Concerning the statutory definition of a construction defect for purposes of the ‘Construction Defect Action Reform Act. Business, Labor & Technology, Nothing scheduled

Homeowners’ Association Construction Defect Lawsuit Approval Timelines. The bill states that when the governing documents of a common interest community require mediation or arbitration of a construction defect claim and the requirement is later amended or removed, mediation
or arbitration is still required for a construction defect claim. General Orders, Mar 6th, 2nd Reading

Construction Defect Actions Notice Vote Approval. The bill requires that, before the executive board of a unit owners’ association (HOA) in a common interest community brings suit against a developer or builder on behalf of unit owners, the board must notify all unit owners; and except when the HOA contracted with the developer or builder for the work complained of or the amount in controversy is less than $100,000, obtain the approval of a majority of the unit owners after giving them detailed disclosures about the lawsuit and its potential costs and benefits. The bill also limits the amount and type of contact that a developer or builder that is potentially subject to a lawsuit may have with individual unit owners while the HOA is seeking their approval for the lawsuit. Business Labor & Technology, Nothing scheduled

Modify Composition Of PERA Public Employees’ Retirement Association Board Of Trustees. Concerning modifications to the composition of the board of trustees of the public employees’ retirement association. Third Reading Passed, No Amendments

View Colorado Senior Lobby’s Current Bill Sheet – CLICK HERE
– Steve

Steve Grund serves as Policy Chair for the Colorado Aging Commission and as a legislative liaison for the Colorado Senior Lobby. The Senior Space, however, is a reflection of his views only.
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